Saturday, 3 October 2015

Action v/s Reaction

Recently I changed my job due which I had to travel a long way to reach my job location. On the way I find lots of people daily who gives me something to think everyday which eventually gave me the title as well Action v/s Reaction.

The story start during my bus journey from the railway station.I boarded the crowded bus with dozen of people already there giving me very little space to stand by. I tried to manage the space some how.

After few minutes I heard someone shouting in the bus over the seat issue. After few heated conversation they were triggered into kung fu mode and it continued for other 10 mins after some insider rescued them.

Coincidently I witnessed the same type of the incident after few days. The first person here too was getting heated up.

What really caught my eyes is that the other person patiently heard this discussion and his response after that not only made the heated person calm and made him accept his mistake but also made him apologise for such high tone.

I started thinking my way home.

- What's the difference between the first and second incident?

- What made the second incident more interesting or What did the second incident taught as on the way?

This is what I figure out.

In the first incident both the persons were reacting on each other conversation which eventually made lots of nuisance.

In the second incident the second person calmly acted on the heated person argument. That's made him the winner.

So its up to us when should we react or act in any scenarios of life which eventually made as winner or looser.